Chairman's Message

“danena tulyo nidhirasti nanyo

lobhachcha nanyo sti ripuh pruthivyam

vibhushanam silasamam na chanyat

santoshatulyam dhanamasti nanyat”

(From the Panchatantra)


Translation:  there is no wealth equal to that of charity, no enemy greater than

lust, no ornament as precious as good character, and no treasure greater than


Education is the most challenging area today and pundits all around the world are experimenting new techniques and designs so as to equip the younger generation to flourish in an ever-changing globe. We are happy that KIPS has been in the fore-front in strategic planning keeping the above intent in mind. Our students will testify to our ideals. I congratulate all those students who brought laurels in the 10th grade examination with 100% first class and 80% average. This is not a mean achievement.

We are happy that KIPS is celebrating its 12th anniversary and we express our gratitude to the Almighty for upholding us in His unseen hands always. We are also thankful to all our well wishers for their unstinting support.

We are conscious of the fact that children determine the destiny of our nation. We strive to mould future citizens of the world. We cannot be lethargic when the evil forces spread their wings. It is our ardent duty to preserve a beautiful and healthy planet for our posterity to thrive. It is our humble mission to march relentlessly towards this goal.

                                             With all best wishes,

                                                                                     Dr. Abraham Karickam

                                                                                    M.A (Eng.), M.A. (Hist.), Ph.D


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